Kanren Waza Demo Training

As training continues for the Kanren Waza Demo I decided to film just a few elements of the training to show you the progress so far. It is an excellent demonstration as not only does it show the basic movements (kihon dosa) it also takes a lot of concentration and skill to keep the timing [...]

2016-10-12T08:47:21+00:00 August 13th, 2016|

Kihon Dosa to Kanren Waza – 基本動作と関連技

Demo practice has started! It is always good to have a demonstration ready and under your belt, but we are also getting ready for an Aikido demonstration with Nick Richardson Sensei from Mugenjuku dojo. Kihon Dosa are the six basic movements of Renshinkai Aikido that are the building blocks of all our movements in Aikido. [...]

2016-10-12T08:47:21+00:00 August 4th, 2016|