£40 worth of martial art classes for £0!

Read about our beginner’s martial art classes here:

Beginners ClassesBeginners Class Guide

Until the end of the year we have decided to offer a whole months training for free to anyone (over 16) that wants to try Aikido at our dojo in Haywards Heath. Classes are held Monday and Wednesday evening and are open to anyone.

Not sure Martial Arts are for you? Come join us and find out, below are just some of the benefits of studying Aikido:

Cardiovascular workout
Reduce stress
Increase balance
Learn a traditional Japanese martial art
Strengthening of core muscles
Increase flexibility
Improved posture
Self defence

The dojo is registered with our headquarters in Japan and Chapman Sensei regularly attends seminars in Japan and around the world. Chapman Sensei started training in 2006, and has taken both his 3rd Dan and Instructors Licence in Japan under Chida Soke. We take the job of passing the teachings of Gozo Shioda on seriously and keeping true to Renshinkai Hombu in Japan. Our links to a traditional form of Aikido only two generations away from the founder are very important to us and our training.