For Sunday training this week we looked at Hijiate Kokyu-Nage (肘当て呼吸投げ) a technique where we place (ate) our arm on uke’s elbow (hiji) and project their shoulder downwards as we throw (nage).

We worked on moving the hands only when moving the body before working on extending the power to uke’s shoulder before the throw ensuring uke’s shoulder does not raise but turns over and drops during the throw.

Later we developed the ni version of this technique from a slow controlled manor to dealing with with uke at full speed as we would find in a Jiyu Waza technique. Maintaining the same level of control in our own form whilst ensuring uke kept their continuous forward momentum rather than being stopped and then thrown.

It was a very muggy day which ended with some really good but sweaty Jiyu Waza from everyone with excellent form and control.