It’s been a busy year for the Seiryukan team. Looking back we have been focused on training, but also visiting and training with other uk clubs. We started the year on 3rd January with our Kagami Baraki in a very clean dojo.
In January Chapman Sensei travelled to Japan to train once more. As ever, when he comes back we get new insights and ideas.
Jonz Wale joined us on the mat in January, always good energy.
Through March and April we worked on a shinza training. In between we travelled to Nottingham to attend the Mustard Sensei Seminar. Successful gradings for Adam, Faye, Rob and Paul in early May really showed their progress and commitment.
May also saw a second Nottingham seminar with Thambu Sensei.
We then worked on our demo for the next seminar. We had a great day at the Kenshinkai seminar in June. Our Summer bbq saw the best of weather. Great food, company and strange pier dancing.
In August, Chapman Sensei and Nick (Mugenjuku on the Move)travelled to LA to train with Sensei Fryberger.
We were then into demo training again. Sadly early September saw a fond farewell to Faye, as she started university. We look forward to training with her again soon!
We organised and hosted the Shioda memorial in Sept. We were brilliantly supported by a wide range of the UK clubs and teachers. Fantastic to have so many teachers and people training together and we thank everyone involved. We’ve also had some great training with London Yoshinkan and Makotokan. We were sad to miss the Ando Sensei seminar, circumstances got in the way.
Autumn then saw us focused on Grading training again, which will take place in January.
The year has seen real commitment from the team. Well done to all!
Looking forward to the Christmas do tonight with a guest appearance from Toby!
We hope everyone has a great Christmas. Hopefully 2019 will bring more training opportunities and adventures!