I recently received an email from Josh O’Leary of Renshinkai in Japan, informing me that Soke Chida Sensei had chosen a dojo name.

Seiryukan 清流館

Below is Josh’s explanation of the name:

清 sei: pure / clear / clean
流 ryu: flow of energy or water. This kanji has special meaning in aikido as in “don’t interrupt your partners flow”
館 kan: traditional ending for dojo name usually translated as house
You may also want to be aware it is a very humble name because the first kanji gives a bit of the sense of beginner as well.


This really is great news and I really like the name that Soke Chida Sensei gave us, I wanted a club name that had a meaning about a beginners mind set, but found too many clubs with this name already. The Ryu is also very important and something for me and everyone else in the club to think about for the future.