In June 2016 I decided it was time for me to leave Mushin Juku and to set up my own club, it was not an easy decision to make after training under Jonz Wale for 9 years. But I really thought it was time I had my own club that I could take in the direction I wanted.

I have set the club up to be non profit so all money is returned to the club and used in the club. I will also follow the principles of Renshinkai which are to follow the teachings of Gozo Shioda whilst providing open training to all. I will continue travelling to Japan at least once a year to keep topping up my Aikido at Renshinkai with Chida Sensei.

I would like to thank Jonz Wale for all his help in getting my aikido to the level it is now and introducing me to Renshinkai Aikido.


Dominic Chapman