2020 Kangeiko In Tokyo Japan with Renshinkai Aikido

From Chapman Sensei's visit this year for the 2020 Kangeiko: Another Kangeiko (Winter Intensive) training finished and what an amazing time it was this year. Learning under Tsutomu Chida Soke and all the other Aikido Renshinkai instructors is always amazing and I leave with so many notes to work on. I have been doing this for some years [...]

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Martial art – one month of beginner’s classes for free!

£40 worth of martial art classes for £0! Read about our beginner's martial art classes here: Beginners Classes - Beginners Class Guide Until the end of the year we have decided to offer a whole months training for free to anyone (over 16) that wants to try Aikido at our dojo in Haywards [...]

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A blast from the Yoshinkan past!

A real blast from the past here! From the days of Inoue Kancho, watch the celebrities being taught and moved around by the best. Keep watch till the last 30 seconds to see Chida Soke taking uke for Inoue Kancho, not something that happened often on video!

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Which Martial Arts & Why Aikido?

We are lucky in this country that we have many different styles and types of martial art to pick from. Martial Arts were first introduced to the UK in the Victorian times with people being invited over from Japan to hold demonstrations, some of whom stayed and set up their own dojos. Below is an early video [...]

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