Last Day of Training for 2018

First day back after the Christmas break. Although the Dojo was only shut for two sessions it feels like a lifetime away from the mat. Things hurt that shouldn't hurt! Remember the last session of the year is tomorrow, so bring some cleaning products and cloths for the traditional clean after training. Osu! The [...]

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End of Year Review

It's been a busy year for the Seiryukan team. Looking back we have been focused on training, but also visiting and training with other uk clubs. We started the year on 3rd January with our Kagami Baraki in a very clean dojo. In January Chapman Sensei travelled to Japan to train once more. As [...]

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Christmas do!

Its that time of year again! We have booked the Lockhart Tavern in Haywards Heath for the 22nd of December from 19:00 The food is great and the drinks selection is amazing! RSVP if you would like to come on our facebook event

2018-11-29T20:09:00+00:00November 29th, 2018|

Goodbye, but not goodbye!

One of Seiryukan's most dedicated, happy and bubbly students is going to university. Faye, it may be goodbye but it isn't really goodbye, we know we will see you on the mat again when you have finished qualifying as a paramedic. Good luck to you for the future and thank you for being such [...]

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Aikido Summer BBQ 2018!

A great evening last night for the Second Annual Seiryukan Summer BBQ. Great weather, food and company. Highlights included the rosemary/honey lamb chops, Persian wraps, kebabs and banana cake. Also multiple potato salads with soy and with chorizo and awesome bacon wrapped new potatoes. And Faye’s veggie kebabs! Finished off with a trip to the [...]

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Upcoming dates for Seminars

Just a few dates of seminars happening this year in the UK, if you have any more dates please don't hesitate to contact us Robert Mustard Seminar 17th-18th March - Notthingham Eagle Dojo Joe Thambu Seminar - 5th-6th May - Nottingham Aikido Shoskinkan Kenshinkai Celebration Seminar - Sunday 10th June 2018 10:00-15:30 [...]

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Great to have Jonz Wale teaching

Great to have Jonz Wale back on Wednesday night to teach, rumour has it he may be at training Sunday morning. For those that don't know Jonz Wale taught Aikido in Crawley and Haywards Heath for nearly 10 years bringing many members of this club up to a great high standard, before moving back [...]

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A busy and exciting year

It has been a busy and exciting year for Seiryukan-Renshinkai Aikido Sussex. This December Adam graded to 7th kyu and Faye and Robert completed their first grading and received their official Renshinkai certificates. In the Spring we hosted and organised the Shioda Memorial at High Wycombe with over 60 people attending. It was great [...]

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10th Anniversary of Renshinkai + Embu + Gradings!

What a great time! To celebrate Renshinkai's 10th anniversary we went to Japan to join the Embu and celebrations. Dominic, Warren and Phil had a great time, lots of training with other Renshinkai clubs from all around the world. As well as doing our own demo at the Embu, we also attended the summer [...]

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Shioda Memorial 2017

What a Shioda Memorial! Demo video will be up soon and it went really well, big congratulations for all who took part. It was great to have the Shioda Memorial back and see faces that I had not seen for some time now. A really great day and excellent teaching and training. Roll on next year! [...]

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