10th Anniversary of Renshinkai + Embu + Gradings!

What a great time! To celebrate Renshinkai's 10th anniversary we went to Japan to join the Embu and celebrations. Dominic, Warren and Phil had a great time, lots of training with other Renshinkai clubs from all around the world. As well as doing our own demo at the Embu, we also attended the summer [...]

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Shioda Memorial 2017

What a Shioda Memorial! Demo video will be up soon and it went really well, big congratulations for all who took part. It was great to have the Shioda Memorial back and see faces that I had not seen for some time now. A really great day and excellent teaching and training. Roll on next year! [...]

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Encouraging literacy and reading

We recently got asked to help with a promotion running on Instagram to encourage people to read, by showing that it is fun and interesting people do it! So we decided to try and read while being thrown on the mat!

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Seiryukan Aikido BBQ – Hove

Lovely BBQ last night, thanks for everyone that made it, a good time was had by all. If you missed it, the next social will be organised for a few months time  

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Our Dojo Has a Name – Seiryukan – 清流館

I recently received an email from Josh O'Leary of Renshinkai in Japan, informing me that Soke Chida Sensei had chosen a dojo name. Seiryukan 清流館 Below is Josh's explanation of the name: 清 sei: pure / clear / clean 流 ryu: flow of energy or water. This kanji has special meaning in aikido as [...]

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Christmas and New Year Training

With the last training session now under our belt (see what I did there?) I would just like to thank everyone who has trained with us or supported us this year. We have had some great training and some good fun. Surprisingly we are not open on Sunday the 25th! and we are also [...]

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More Aikido Lessons Now Available!

Yes that's right, we are adding another Aikido lesson each week to the dojos schedule. Wednesday is still going to be the basics and beginners class, but now we add Friday to join in with Sunday as a general class. The Aikido classes on Wednesday and Friday start at 20:00 but people should try and arrive [...]

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New Flyers

The new flyers have finally arrived and we are really happy with how they have turned out, can't wait to get them out and about and see peoples reaction to them. If you want some to give out or know some good places to leave them then get in touch. The picture is Chida [...]

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Club News

In June 2016 I decided it was time for me to leave Mushin Juku and to set up my own club, it was not an easy decision to make after training under Jonz Wale for 9 years. But I really thought it was time I had my own club that I could take in the [...]

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