Martial art – one month of beginner’s classes for free!

£40 worth of martial art classes for £0! Read about our beginner's martial art classes here: Beginners Classes - Beginners Class Guide Until the end of the year we have decided to offer a whole months training for free to anyone (over 16) that wants to try Aikido at our dojo in Haywards [...]

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Beginners Guide to Aikido Classes

It is completely natural for a beginner to  have questions about Aikido classes and what a first class might be like. This is a guide of what to expect and what to do during your first Aikido lesson. Some people may feel nervous coming to their first class, as with starting anything new. You will find us a welcoming and [...]

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Basic Dojo Japanese

Although not many terms, this is an introduction of basic terms for your first few lessons. Although you won't need to know Japanese to start training with us, this is just a little help along your way. Sensei - Teacher Osu - Yes, in response to any questions/directions from Sensei Domo Arigato Gozaimasu - [...]

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