It has been a busy and exciting year for Seiryukan-Renshinkai Aikido Sussex. This December Adam graded to 7th kyu and Faye and Robert completed their first grading and received their official Renshinkai certificates.

In the Spring we hosted and organised the Shioda Memorial at High Wycombe with over 60 people attending. It was great to train with so many different clubs and to learn from different teachers.

Chapman Sensei travelled to Los Angeles to train with Sensei Fryberger prior to grading in Japan. This pre-grading intensive training was a fantastic opportunity and helped Chapman Sensei prepare.

Chapman Sensei attended the winter and summer training in Japan, a fantastic opportunity to train with the Renshinkai Aikidoka under Chida Soke and to grade to 3rd Dan. He was joined by Phil and Warren, with Warren staying behind to take on the challenge of the Senshusei course at Renshinkai Honbu.

Whilst in Japan Chapman Sensei, Phil and Warren took part in the Embu demonstrations to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Renshinkai, a real honour, even though we had to go first!

Our Summer beach BBQ was a tasty, if windswept, event and will be repeated next year.

We have continued to visit other Dojos like Makotokan and attended seminars up and down the coutry with Mustard, Thambu and Payet Sensei. The club is growing in numbers with our Wednesday beginners class and we are looking forward to our Christmas meal tonight! Training will continue over the Christmas period except for Christmas Eve.

Friday 22nd-Evening Session

Wednesday 27th-Evening Session.

Friday 29th-Evening Session.

Sunday 31st-Morning Session

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a great New year. Looking forward to training with you all soon.