Beginners Aikido

Aikido is a self defence martial art from Japan using clear concise teaching,

Ideal for beginners Aikido explained in the words of Chida Soke:
“A smaller and weaker person should be able to use Aikido effectively even when confronted by a larger and more powerful attacker. The point is to train to find ones strongest and most centred position, while learning to be sensitive to the weakness of the attacker.

Through training in the Kihon Dosa, which are basic movements, we learn how to be strong and centred without excess tension or strength, eventually, being able to keep centred while moving freely and executing techniques.”

Beginners Aikido Classes

Kihon Dosa (基本動作) are the six basic movements that all Aikido techniques are based on. As a beginner Kihon Dosa are one of the first things you will learn, giving you a solid base to build on with your Aikido techniques.

Beginners Aikido – First Class Guide

One of our students has written a guide of what to expect, what to wear and what to do during your first free lesson at our dojo. But if you have any further questions about beginners Aikido classes then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of Beginners Aikido

Cardiovascular workout
Reduce stress
Increase balance
Learn traditional Japanese art
Strengthening of core muscles
Increase flexibility
Improved posture
Self defence

Aikido Dojo

What to do in the dojo

If you have a dogi (training outfit) then by all means bring it, if you don’t it doesn’t matter and just wear loose fitting clothing you would wear to a gym. We will show and teach you all the ins and outs of training in a Japanese style dojo, so there is no need to learning anything before you arrive. But if you have any questions then please ask us

Dojo Fees

How much it costs

Lessons are £5 but the first class is free so no need to bring money. You will be covered under our insurance for the first lesson, but if you want to continue it costs £15 a year to be insured and to join Renshinkai in Japan. Membership helps to keep Renshinkai growing and running and allows you to train in Japan at a reduced fee.

St Francis Sports and Social Club

Time of Classes

Monday 20:00 – 21:30
Wednesday 20:00 – 21:30
Sunday 9:00 – 10:30

We train upstairs at the St Francis Sports and Social club, Haywards Heath, Sussex. If you can’t find us ask for the martial arts class at the bar and they will show you the way.

Children’s  Beginners Aikido Classes Coming Soon

While we don’t currently offer children’s classes is it something we are looking at adding next year, if you would like to put your name down on our list to keep updated then please send us a message