Gozo Shioda Memorial – 2017

Some of the highlights of my Aikido training have been at the Shioda Memorial events held in the UK. It was one of the first demonstrations I took part in when I was white belt. I was lucky to train with and be taught by some of the best teachers in the UK. Its influence on my Aikido can not be underestimated. [...]

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Beginners Guide to Aikido Classes

It is completely natural for a beginner to  have questions about Aikido classes and what a first class might be like. This is a guide of what to expect and what to do during your first Aikido lesson. Some people may feel nervous coming to their first class, as with starting anything new. You will find us a welcoming and [...]

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Kanren Waza Demo Training

As training continues for the Kanren Waza Demo I decided to film just a few elements of the training to show you the progress so far. It is an excellent demonstration as not only does it show the basic movements (kihon dosa) it also takes a lot of concentration and skill to keep the timing [...]

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Kihon Dosa to Kanren Waza – 基本動作と関連技

Demo practice has started! It is always good to have a demonstration ready and under your belt, but we are also getting ready for an Aikido demonstration with Nick Richardson Sensei from Mugenjuku dojo. Kihon Dosa are the six basic movements of Renshinkai Aikido that are the building blocks of all our movements in Aikido. [...]

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